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Organic Instant Green Tea Bulk - Mixed 30 (5 Flavours) - Tea In 3 Seconds™

Premium Organic Instant Green Tea Bulk - Mixed 30 (5 Flavours)

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This Premium Organic Instant Green Tea 30 Sachet Mixed Bulk is a great and cost-effective way to experience the Green Tea In 3 range a

A Bag full of all of our premium flavours:

  • 6x Apple
  • 6x Blueberry
  • 6x Jasmine
  • 6x Peach
  • 6x Mango


A deliciously simple instant Green Tea with Fruit 90% Green Tea Extract + 10% Fruit Extract = 100% Natural, Wholesome, delectable Instant Tea.

1 Perfect way to stay hydrated

2 Seconds; to dissolve in water


Our packs contain individual sachets of Pure Tea and Fruit Extract, with 0g sugar, no sweeteners, and no calories. This Tea helps with Hydration, boosts your Antioxidants, and tastes delicious.

Each Serve Contains:

- 265mg Green Tea Antioxidants
- 100% Natural Ingredients
- 0g Sugar or Sweeteners
- No Calories

Go on a subscription and save 10% on your first 2 orders, and 15% thereafter. That way, you'll never run short of Instant Tea!

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