About Us

In 2013 we came across an amazing premium organic (100% natural) green tea & fruit extract that could be poured straight into hot or cold water (yes, straight into a water bottle!).

We’d been looking for a way to get all of the awesome health benefits of green tea, without having to endure the bitter taste of some traditional green teas and matcha teas, so we decided to fly to China (the magical land of green tea) to meet the creator of this unique green tea extract, and see first-hand how it grown and created.

We were absolutely inspired by the purity and incredible food technology used to create this unique tea extract, and we got straight to work in creating a special range to suit the needs of busy Australians, just like us.

Green Tea in 3 Seconds is pure green tea & fruit extract is designed to assist in giving you adequate hydration throughout the day, helping to maintain a healthy weight throughout the year, and ultimately assisting you in the prevention of the cellular damage and inflammation that can lead to disease.

Picture of Green Tea In 3 Products

Green Tea in 3 Seconds contains a measured dose of antioxidants (this is important as health benefits are dose-dependent), has 0g sugar, no sweeteners, and no calories.

Our Premium Green Tea is not only grown organically, the low-temperature, vacuum-extraction process also allows a second purification step, where any remaining traces of heavy metals, pesticides, or pollutants (found commonly even in organically-grown tea including matcha) are removed at a molecular level, leaving absolutely the purest tea available!

The icing on the cake is the taste. It’s delicious and delicate, with no bitterness or aftertaste!

If you need to drink more water each day, are trying to quit sugary drinks, or simply wanting all of the amazing health benefits of green tea but without the strong green tea taste, Green Tea in 3 Seconds is for you.