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Tea gift packs – available across Australia

Are you searching for a gesture with a difference? Our beautifully package tea gift sets are the perfect surprise for your loved one, friend, employees or someone who treasures the many benefits of this iconic beverage.

Our 100% natural organic tea sachets evoke a journey that’s infused with flavour, all designed to spark a sense of bliss, letting you enjoy the finer things in life.

We have thoughtfully designed each creation with fresh fruity aromas, allowing someone special in your life to enjoy the subtle nuances of our many tea gift boxes. Our range not only features therapeutic benefits, but they allow for easy enjoyment, with zero preparation and minimal fuss.

Tea gift box options for someone special

All of our products contain the finest quality ingredients, all sealed for freshness.  Whether intended as a thank-you, as a way to show your love or for a special occasion, our range is an affordable way to tell someone you are thinking of them.

Take your pick

We have options for all occasion types that will tempt taste buds and expose your recipient’s palate to some fresh and exciting flavours. Our packs aren't only for those that already love this legendary beverage, but also invite new drinkers to try delicious flavours and to be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make our teas.

All boxes come with a variety of different combinations. New tea lovers will enjoy the variety our packs offer, especially our wellness gift set that introduces you to the many health benefits on offer.

Like what our crafted tea packs have to offer? Why not spoil yourself and enjoy the aromas and taste of our delicious options with bulk and bundle from our website.