Evening Cleansing Detox Tea Bundle
Organic Instant Detox Tea
Organic Instant cleansing Detox Tea

Detox Tea Bundle - 60 days Pack

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Tea in 3 Seconds Premium Evening Cleansing Detox Tea is deliciously designed to give your body a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation  to feel like a brand-new person! Drink it to purify your body, in turn you’ll feel cleansed and free.

Cleanse, Boost Energy, Promote Weight loss, Reduce Constipation and Eliminate Bloating. Well worth the efforts putting in to contribute towards living a healthy life.

Tea in 3 Seconds™ Premium Evening Cleansing  Detox Tea is created to give you a lovely sensation of taste – the hibiscus and rose flowers provide a certain acidity and sourness together, plus the lingering aftertaste that comes from the sweet natural stevia. It is an altogether, exhilarating experience.

Rose extract enhances blood circulation and reinforces the endocrine system. High Vitamin C contents comes from the hibiscus flower extract. Being the bulk of the detoxifying properties, it is also rich in various antioxidants and minerals that help break down body fat. With the inclusion of black tea and stevia, all together adds up to the slowing down of sugar absorption to enable a higher rate of body detoxification and the promotion of better skin.

Enjoy Hot, Cool, or Iced! Have a cup of TEA in 3 Seconds Premium Cleansing Detox Tea in the evening after your dinner. Simply tear open a sachet and pour into hot/cold water and ready to drink in 3 seconds.

Our teas are NOT laxatives. Each ingredient serves a key purpose and has several health benefits!

60 servings for 60 days supply.


Tear open a sachet and pour into hot/cold water and drink every evening after dinner.

We advise adhering to a balanced diet and regular exercise for the best results.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely can’t live without a cup of this tea at night time for bed!


Love this Tea! Have been drinking it for a long time and find it so calming to drink at night time.

Talayah Brown
Detox tea

As always my order was delivered swiftly and the quality is impeccable

Nicole Groth
Love the taste! Such beautiful tea.

I really enjoy the flavour of the detox tea! So beautiful to have a nighttime