The Best Green Tea

Green tea is the most researched beverage in the world with regards to its health benefits. It’s been clinically proven to help prevent diseases such as obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and some types of cancers.

The health benefits are immense and so with that part clearly understood, we’d like to provide you with 4 powerful reasons why we believe Green Tea in 3 Seconds is the very BEST green tea to provide you with all of those wonderful health benefits!

1. Green Tea in 3 Seconds (GTI3) is the best green tea because it is the PUREST!

GTI3 is an organic, crystalised tea extract created using low-temperature, vacuum extraction technology. This technology means that the tea and fruit is reduced to nano-particles (extremely small molecules).

One of the key benefits of this process is that contaminants such as heavy metal and pesticide residue (that are found even in organically-grown teas) can be physically removed due to their differing molecular size.

This means that only the very best 100% organic green tea and fruit extract remains, with 100% of impurities removed. Technically that means it’s “more organic than organic”.

With regards to ingredients, there are just 2: green tea extract + fruit extract. That’s it.


Organic Green Tea in 3 Seconds

2. GTI3 is the best green tea because it’s the FASTEST!

As nurses, we’ve seen the negative effect that sugary, flavoured drinks can have on obesity and diabetes rates in patients. Often, these drinks are chosen because they are fast and easy, despite the fact they damage our health.

This is why we’ve introduced a super healthy green tea range that can be made in the same time it takes to open a can of soft drink.

Green Tea in 3 Seconds comes in a very small, handy sachet so that you can pour it straight into 300-500ml of hot or cold water and it dissolves in just 3 seconds! It contains no sugar, no calories and loads of antioxidants, so you’re not only avoiding nasties, but you’e boosting your health!


3. Green Tea In 3’s ANTIOXIDANT DOSAGE is precise!

Green Tea and antioxidant

We know that every single sachet of Green Tea In 3 Seconds provides 265.8mg of polyphenols (antioxidants). This is really important because the antioxidant content in an average cup of green tea can vary anywhere from 50mg to 150mg per cup depending on the blend, the origin, the fermentation process, and the amount of tea leaves used.

As it takes at least 150mg of polyphenols to begin to get the health benefits of green tea, it’s crucial that you know how many you’re getting in each cup.

The health benefits also depend on the bioavailability


Green Tea in 3 Seconds


4. GTI3 has a greater BIOAVAILABILITY than traditional green tea!

It’s all very well having loads of antioxidants but if they are not readily absorbed by the body then there is absolutely no point.

Good news! Green Tea in 3 is more readily absorbed by the body than traditionally brewed green tea due the the nano-particle size of the extract. This means that not only are the antioxidants higher, but their bioavailability is higher too.


Green Tea in 3 Seconds

So these are the four key reasons why we believe Green Tea in 3 Seconds is the best green tea available in Australia. It’s the purest, the fastest, has the highest measured antioxidants, and has the highest bioavailability.

Would you like to try it for yourself?

We also have a MINI BIZ STARTER PACK if you’re a health professional and you’d like to incorporate selling this range through your business…FIND OUT MORE.


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We’re two nurses with a driving passion for preventative health.

Our mission is to positively influence the general health and wellbeing of all Australians, at the same time as making a significant contribution to the prevention of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer by providing fast, convenient, health-boosting alternatives to sugary, flavoured drinks.