The A-Z of Healthy Hydration 1 (ABC)

Healthy Hydration is crucial for your body to function well, to excrete toxins, prevent weight gain, and prevent chronic disease. That’s why we’re working through the A-Z of healthy hydration over the next few weeks, starting today!




What the heck are they?
Ok, so we hear about them all the time, but what are they? Well, to put it simply, they are molecules that attach themselves to free radicals -which are caused by all sorts of internal and external processes in the body and can lurk around and cause chaos if left to their own devices.  When the antioxidant attaches to the free radical it prevents them doing this.

Our own body is pretty good at producing these antioxidants, but as with everything, giving your body the best chance at staying fit and healthy is always the way to go.  So topping up your body and nourishing it in the most natural way is a great start!

Where do I find them?
In lots of fresh, healthy foods, tea- especially fresh vegetables and fruit, green tea, dark chocolate- yum- and…


“B” is for BERRIES
Those tasty little blueberries are a powerhouse of the good stuff- antioxidants being one of them.

Frozen, organic berries are the way to go as they retain more goodness, and aren’t so full of pesticides as the standard ones.

Add them into smoothies or eat them as a snack.

You can even add a few into a bottle of water for a little flavour.

They taste great with green tea as well- hence we added them to our Green Tea in 3 seconds!

Green tea is also a great source of polyphenols and antioxidants, containing lots of…catechins…


No, not a cute ninja cat, catechins are a polyphenol and antioxidant abundantly present in tea, and especially green tea and have the properties of being cancer fighting, enhancing weight loss and have numerous benefits for the brain and heart.

The most active and abundant catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Try saying that 4 times in a row!