Happy, Healthy Hydration Part 5 (A-Z)


Ok, so what do you serve when you need something tasty, healthy and alcohol free, besides water, mineral water or tea? Tea based Mocktails of course!

We have a few recipes up our sleeves, as have needed to create some during our pregnancy/ breastfeeding/health kicks.

A Few of Our Favourite Mocktails

Lemongrass and Ginger tea with lots of ice, fresh lemon slices, a few sprigs of mint and some apple slices.

Green Tea and Jasmine with ice, cucumber slices and sparkling water A good cleansing, pre or post big night iced tea is our Slow Tea Company BoozeHound blend – throw some mint, some fresh ginger pieces and lemon wedges in to help your liver cope better!

You can make these the night before an event, or the morning of. It’s ideal to let the tea brew for a while to get the most out of it.

For a jug you would need to use about 12-15g of loose leaf tea, or a few teabags. You can make a cold infusion (put the tea in, cold water and in the fridge overnight), or a hot to cold, making the tea as normal with boiled water (with the larger quantity of tea), brew a bit longer than normal then add cold water and ice.

N = No Excuses

So you know how you are out and about, get thirsty and often automatically think- oh I will just buy a bottle of water…No more!

With so many gorgeous water bottles out there – like this one…WATER BOTTLE LOVE

It’s so easy to carry water around with you, along with the handy little GTi3 sachets, so there is no temptation to just have a Vitamin Water instead (sounds healthy but isn’t) for a flavour hit at the servo.

Do your wallet, body and the planet a favour and choose tap/filtered water to fill your own bottle up to take with you.


Each and every day we all have an opportunity to either enhance our health, or detract from it. Hydration is a perfect example of how easy either of these choices can be.

If we’re choosing to drink soft drinks, sugary coffees, juices etc throughout our day, we’re simply adding calories, sugar and often additives to our bodies. If we’re drinking water by itself or water with a little lemon juice, cucumber, or tea added to it, we’re actually adding to our good health and boosting our antioxidants and energy naturally.

The opportunity to enhance is there with every choice we make – that’s the wonderful part!

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