Green Tea and Gut Health

Today we’re going to look at green tea and its effect on our gut health.
Why is Gut Health Important?
The very latest research shows that the gut is just like our second brain, and poor gut health is strongly linked to conditions such as anxiety and depression, along with digestive problems, low energy levels, bloating, excessive gas, and much much more…
The health of your gut determines what nutrients are absorbed and what toxins, allergens and microbes are kept out, and therefore it is directly linked to your overall health.
A Little Bit About Gut Health…
Our gut contains over 100 trillion bacteria that play a vital role in our overall health. These bacteria are negatively altered by antibiotics, stress, poor food and drink choices, and more.
These factors can all lead to an imbalance of gut flora, and result in poor overall health and uncomfortable, sometimes nasty symptoms.
The great news is that green tea has a very positive effect on gut health as it works to increase the good bacteria in your gut, as well as decrease the bad, thus helping to restore the balance, and restore your overall health.
How Does Green Tea Affect Our Gut Health?
Green tea contains wonderful micronutrients called Polyphenols. Polyphenols are naturally-occurring compounds found in plants, and have positive effects on a number of different areas of the body.
In the gut, polyphenols seem to act as a prebiotic-type substance, meaning that they increase the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains.
Tea is possibly the most researched out of all the high-polyphenol foods, with many studies proving the prebiotic effects of tea extracts, leaves and polyphenol compounds. 
EGCG in Green Tea and Gut Health
How Much Green Tea Do We Need?
The health effects of polyphenols are directly related to the amount consumed, and their bioavailability. To get the health benefits, it is recommended that you drink a minimum of 2 – 3 cups of green tea per day, or 1 single sachet of Green Tea in 3 Seconds.
Bioavailability is also important as it refers to the degree that the substance is absorbed and used by the body. This is where Green Tea in 3 Seconds is particularly valuable as it has a much higher bioavailability that traditional green tea due to the size of the molecules. This helps to make the benefits more accessible to the body, in a shorter amount of time.
What About Probiotics?
For a healthy gut, it’s also recommended that you consume probiotics, which will help boost your healthy bacteria and win the fight for gut democracy! We recommend fermented products such as those created by The Fermentary (they’re for gut democracy… this makes us giggle) and Peace, Love and Vegetables.
I’m really busy, how can I make sure I get enough polyphenols each day?
If you’d like to make sure you’re getting your polyphenols quickly and easily each and every day, then check out our Green Tea in 3 Seconds range – just 1-2 sachets a day will do you wonders!
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