Convincing Reasons to Drink More Tea

Teas has endless health benefits. Green Teas , white teas or Black Teas. There are all having excellent health benifit

Tea is enjoyed worldwide, from India’s fragrant varieties, green blends from Asia, or the UK’s ever-famous English Breakfast. Whether it’s consumed for cultural purposes or to unwind on a cosy night in, avid tea drinkers are well aware that various herbal teas have their benefits too, so many that everyday consumption of them is now commonplace.

You’ll find five types of herbal blends out there, including green, white and oolong, across the market. Improving your lifestyle through herbal teas’ benefits has never been easier, especially with many tea subscriptions (like ours) available for you to try. And did we mention there are so many reasons why you should adopt this trend immediately?

It has endless health benefits

Tea, particularly herbal green varieties, is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It even antagonises inflammation, tumours, and mutations. Green blends contain weight loss benefits that result from increased fat oxidation, and decreased fat digestion; in the end, it helps tackle issues such as obesity and appetite.

By promoting healthy bacteria, green tea prevents gut disease and lower cholesterol. The EGCG – the primary antioxidant from the green leaf – is effective against cancers, like prostate. And both the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of green protect against coronary artery disease.

It helps enforce positive lifestyle habits 

If you’re looking for an energy boost, coffee is a better option than tea. Although, keep note that higher caffeine content leads to increased dehydration, resulting in a crash. Green tea doesn’t induce these effects, so it typically ideal for a bit of a kick without the consequences.

Meanwhile, green tea is rumoured to help kick start the metabolism before exercising, giving way to increased fat burn. Herbal varieties are also a great way to kickstart your system when you first wake up, rather than reaching for the espresso machine.

Enjoy it how you want

There are several ways to make drinking a good brew even more interesting, enjoyable and tailored. For example, citrus fruits make for the perfect natural sweeteners; you can squeeze the lemon juice into your green tea to lessen the bitterness, or add berries for something a little different.

For example, blueberries contain potassium that reduces blood pressure and prevents heart disease and kidney stones. Adding almond or coconut milk makes tea creamy and more enjoyable, and doing so does not deter your brew’s health benefits either. You can even add herbs like mint, cinnamon or lavender, to intensify the aroma. 

Like everything, drink in moderation

Remember that overconsumption of this beverage (like everything else in life) is not ideal. More than 8 cups a day can be dangerous for your health, leading to potential kidney stones and liver issues. There is nothing wrong with drinking a cup or two every day, but you still need to monitor just how much you consume.

To make the most of the health and lifestyle benefits of green tea, we recommend incorporating this brew into your daily routine for an extended period. You can easily do that by opting for one of our tea boxes, meaning there’s zero fuss involved with getting the perfect taste and variety.