Jodie Fergusson-Batte (right) & Vanessa Carslake both hold Bachelor of Nursing Degrees, have a combined 20 years experience in the heath care industry ranging from Intensive Care right through to Advanced Wound Care, and are the Co-Founders of Green Tea in 3 Seconds.


In Our Own Words…


We’re two nurses with a passion for preventative health (and tea…).


We originally started a traditional tea company called The Slow Tea Company as we both absolutely loved the idea of being able to offer busy women (like us) a little window in each day that they could slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy a restorative cup of organic tea, before getting on with their “to do” list.


While we were running our Slow Tea Company (and raising our young children), we became aware of an interesting phenomenon… people really, really wanted the proven health benefits of green tea, but also many people (just like ourselves) did not enjoy the green tea taste.


What’s more, many people did not have the time in each day to invest in making a truly good pot of green tea (at the right temperature, and for the correct brew time to ensure optimal taste and benefits).


It was around this time that we came across an incredible green tea & fruit extract that tasted deliciously delicate, required no brew time or temperature control, and had an actual measured dose of antioxidants (265mg/serve – it’s a nurse’s dream!)… AND it dissolved in our water bottle or tea cup instantly!


This was sooooooo exciting to us as it not only allowed us to help people drink more water each day, it provided people with an alternative to sugary drinks that contained 0g sugar AND boosted antioxidants, which in turn acted to protect the body from cellular damage and inflammation.


It was at this time we decided to GO FOR IT and create a special range of instant green tea & fruit extracts so that people like us could include their green tea health benefits into their day by simply pouring a sachet straight into a water bottle, a smoothie, or a tea cup.


Green Tea in 3 Seconds was born…



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