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Organic Instant Green Tea and English Breakfast Black Tea

Premium Organic Instant Tea Bulk - Mixed 30 (6 Flavours) - NEW

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This Premium Organic Instant Green Tea 30 Sachet Mixed Bulk is a great and cost-effective way to experience the Green Tea In 3 range and our latest addition of English Breakfast Black Tea.

A Bag full of all of our premium flavours:

  • 5x Apple
  • 5x Blueberry
  • 5x Jasmine
  • 5x Peach
  • 5x Mango
  • 5x English Breakfast Black Tea (new!!!!)


A deliciously simple instant Green Tea with Fruit 90% Green Tea Extract + 10% Fruit Extract = 100% Natural, Wholesome, delectable Instant Tea.

1 Perfect way to stay hydrated

2 Seconds; to dissolve in water


Our packs contain individual sachets of Pure Tea and Fruit Extract, with 0g sugar, no sweeteners, and no calories. This Tea helps with Hydration, boosts your Antioxidants, and tastes delicious.

To use, simply tear open your sachet, pour into your water-bottle or mug, and it's ready to drink in seconds! 
We encourage you to use reusable water bottles, mugs, and glasses to help save the environment, and help save you money.

Each Serve Contains:
- 265mg Green Tea Antioxidants
- 100% Natural Ingredients
- 0g Sugar or Sweeteners
- No Calories

Enjoy Hot, Cool, or Iced! Each sachet makes up to 500mL of Pure Green Tea.

With a highly portable design, you can keep them in your cupboard, in your bedside, in your car, at work, and even in your gym bag to help stay hydrated while you work out!
If you decide to go on holiday, the small sachets weigh next to nothing and take up very little space, meaning you can pack enough with you whether you're away for a weekend or for a month! Stay healthy and hydrated whether you're on a road trip, or in a plane.

Enhance your Water. Boost your Health.

Go on a subscription and save 10% on your first 2 orders, and 15% thereafter. That way, you'll never run short of Instant Tea!

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