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Slim & Detox Tea - 60 days Pack Bundle

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We know how much you love our Premium Cleansing - Slim & Detox Tea Selection, so for even better value, we've created this spectacular Premium Cleansing - Slimming & Detox Tea bundle!

This Premium Cleansing Slim & Detox Tea Bundle comes with a total of 120 sachets (60 Detox, and 60 Slimming) with enough supply to last you 60 days!

Cleanse, Boost Energy, Promote Weight loss, Reduce Constipation and Eliminate Bloating. Well worth the efforts putting in to contribute towards living a healthy life.

Tea in 3 Seconds™ 60 days Premium Cleansing - Slim & Detox Tea Bundle bundle provides perfect support to a healthy routine of eating and exercise, and is certainly a great start to one!

Our 60 Days Premium Cleansing - Slim & Detox Tea Bundle is easy to follow. Take one sachet of Slim Tea (AM) during the morning and another sachet of Detox Tea (PM) in the evening.

The most convenient way to detox: Pour the Tea Extract from individual sachets and add water, after 3 seconds, your tea is done. Our tea is 100% natural and doesn’t include any preservatives, sugar, or artificial flavours. It allows for a healthier and more gentle cleanout. After detoxing your body, your body will be able to absorb nutrients better.

Our teas are NOT laxatives. Each ingredient serves a key purpose and has several health benefits!

We advise adhering to a balanced diet and regular exercise for the best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Feeling Great!!

Have been using both teas for the last fortnight. Love the taste, love the convenience, love how I’m feeling ‘fresher’.

Loving It!

Have always been a Greenteain3 drinker, but wasn’t a consistent drinker until the slim/detox came out...
Have the 60 day pack and also got a 60 day mango. Have been consistent in my am/pm slim/detox teas and a mango in morning, afternoon and evening... that has upped my water intake as well, small bladder so can go without water all day...
Loving it!!!