Green Tea In 3 Seconds: FREE Sample Pack

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Green Tea In 3 Seconds is ideal if you’re:

  • trying to drink more water each day
  • trying to boost your antioxidants
  • trying to reduce your sugar intake
  • trying to reach a healthy weight, or
  • simply want to add a hint of flavour to your water.

Simply pour a sachet of Green Tea in 3 Seconds straight into your water bottle or tea cup to enjoy hot or cold, immediately. No brew time, no wait!

Each sachet is 100% natural and contains 265mg green tea antioxidants, with no sugars or sweeteners, and no calories.

Just 2 Ingredients: Green Tea Extract (90%) + Fruit Extract (10%)

Place your order and we’ll send you a sample pack that contains one of each blend; apple, blueberry, and peach.

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Happy Sipping 🙂

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Try all three fruit blends of Green Tea in 3 Seconds with this handy little travel pack that you can take anywhere.

More than twice the antioxidants of a cup of traditional green tea in each sachet. No calories or sugar, nothing artificial.

Two ingredients: Green Tea Extract + Fruit Extract

Three delicate blends: Green Tea & Apple, Green Tea & Blueberry, Green Tea & Peach




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