Action Pack: 90 Mixed Sachets Organic Green Tea & Fruit Extract

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This Action Pack contains 90 individual mixed sachets of purified green tea & fruit extract. Every single sachet contains a measured dose of 265mg green tea antioxidants, which help to boost metabolism, burn fat, protect cells from damage, and prevent inflammation.

Green tea antioxidant dosage is important as all of the health benefits occur between 200-1000mg per day, and so there’s no room for guess work if you’re looking for results.

Green Tea in 3 Seconds is purified at a molecular level, to ensure that any traces of pesticides, heavy metals, or pollutants are removed before packaging, ensuring the highest purity possible.

Pour a sachet straight into your water bottle, smoothie, or tea cup for a subtle, delicate green tea & fruit blend. No sugars, sweeteners, or calories per serve.


  • 30 x Green Tea & Apple Sachets
  • 30 x Green Tea & Blueberry Sachets
  • 30 x Green Tea & Peach Sachets
  • 3 x 3-Sachet Travel Packs
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