BLUEBERRY 50-Pack Subscription: Green Tea & Fruit Extract

$40.00 / month

Are you a lover of blueberries?

Not interested in apples or peaches at all?

It’s quite possible that this Blueberry 50-pack monthly subscription is all that you need to keep your healthy hydration humming along all year long!

Pure green tea & fruit extract in 50 individual sachets delivered straight to your door each and every month. Simply pour straight into your water bottle, glass, or tea cup and go – no wait!

Yes, it IS as awesome as it sounds!

No more sugary drinks. No more empty calories.

Loads of antioxidants added to your day.

Enhance Your Water and Boost Your Health all year long!

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100% pure green tea & blueberry extract packed into individual sachets.

Pour straight into your water bottle, water glass or tea cup and fill with hot or cold water.

No sugars. No sweeteners. No calories. Absolutely nothing artificial.

Every single trace of pollutant has been removed from this extract leaving only 100% organic materials.

Every single sachet contains 265mg tea polyphenols (antioxidants) that work to reduce free radicals and prevent the cell damage that can lead to long term health conditions.

Enhance Your Water and Boost Your Health Today, Baby!


Additional Information
Weight150 g
Dimensions28 x 21 x 5 cm