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Premium Organic Green Tea - Sample Pack (7 Sachets)

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Try out our sample pack!
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This sample pack is a great way to find out just how good Green Tea In 3 really is - and we know that you won't be disappointed! Each sample pack contains 7 sachets, one of each of our favourite blends; Apple, Blueberry, and Peach, Mango,Jasmine,Slim and detox. One coupon for half off your first order on

Limit: One sample pack per customer.The 50% off code included in this sample pack will not apply to bulk items which already have 25% -50% discounts included in the price, it will be to everything else in your cart.

Note : A $2.95 shipping and handling fee will be applied at checkout. The tea is free - you need to cover the cost of getting it to you.!

Green Tea In 3 Seconds™ is ideal if you’re:

- Trying to drink more water each day
- Trying to boost your antioxidants
- Trying to reduce your sugar intake
- Simply want to add a hint of flavour to your water

All you need to do to drink our amazing tea is simply pour a sachet of Green Tea in 3 straight into your water bottle or tea cup, stir to mix, and within 3 seconds it's ready to enjoy hot, cold, and even iced. Immediately; no brew time, no wait!

Each sachet is 100% natural and contains 265mg of green tea antioxidants (more than twice the antioxidants of a cup of traditional green tea in each sachet!), with no sugars, no sweeteners, and no calories. Our Green Tea's contain just 2 two ingredients; Green Tea Extract (90%) + Fruit Extract (10%).

Happy Sipping 🙂

*Offer valid within Australia only. Limit of one per customer.

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