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Apple Organic Instant Green Tea - Bulk Sachets - Tea In 3 Seconds™

Apple Organic Instant Green Tea - Bulk Sachets

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We have had so many requests for bulk Organic Instant Green Tea that we decided to offer to you our faithful Tea drinkers. You can now get bulk sachets at a discount from our regular 10-pack price. As low as 27% discount!

Premium Organic Instant Tea in seconds made with 100% Organic Green Tea and real Apple Fruit with a light and fruity flavor. No sugar, additives, fillers or preservatives ever! Perfect for a wake-me-up in the morning or an afternoon tea.  Zero grams of sugar, but with a slightly sweet taste from the Apple Fruit.  Simply tear open the tea-stick, pour it into an empty 350 ml -500 ml cup, add warm or hot water, and watch your tea dissolve.  To make iced tea, dissolve the tea with a small amount of warm water, then add cold water and ice. You can never over-steep this tea.  You will get a perfect cup every time.

 Note: Most Green Tea in 3 Seconds™ Tea promos codes do not apply to bulk items, since they already have 5%-27% discounts included in the price.


Pack Sizes Available:
- 30 Sachets; 
- 50 Sachets;
- 60 Sachets; 
- 90 Sachets; 
- 100 Sachets; 
- 150 Sachets; 


Enhance your Water. Boost your Health.

Go on a subscription and save 5% on your first 3 orders, and 10% thereafter. That way, you'll never run short of Instant Tea!

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