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What are the benefits of Green Tea in 3?

Green Tea in 3 is pure green tea & fruit extract is designed to assist in giving you adequate hydration throughout the day, helping to maintain a healthy weight throughout the year, and ultimately assisting you in the prevention of the cellular damage and inflammation that can lead to disease.

Green tea in 3 Seconds contains a measured dose of antioxidants (this is important as health benefits are dose-dependent), has 0g sugar, no sweeteners, and no calories.


Absolutely love them all will definitely be getting them regularly!

Roe, NSW

Love my green tea in 3. Make up two one litre bottles each day, freeze one for later. Great in our tropic heat.

Desley, North QLD

I got my first shipment this week and it's absolutely delicious! And I'm speaking as someone who doesn't like green tea. All the flavours are good, but my favourite is apple.

Deborash, NSW